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Food and Vistas with a Friend – Pt 2

When we first arrived in Tenerife, Nick and I quickly started making a note of places that we would like to try out. The list includes restaurants, specific food items, activities and places or things of interest. We are trying something new everyday but also want to save some experiences to share with our gifts. I mentioned in a previous post that my dear friend Fungi came to visit and we took advantage of her visit to try a few new things.

Having done the staple activities of going ‘out out’, and the beach, a good meal was in order and for this, we went to a restaurant that we had seen a few times and thought we would like to try.

We had driven past the Churrasqueria Rodeo a few times in the time that we’ve been here and wondered what the place was like so we went there for dinner.

Nick and His Wives....
Nick and His Wives….


We sat outside in the patio, on a warm Saturday evening and marvelled as different meats were paraded out and offered out to us. There were different cuts of beef, cooked in different ways… chicken, sea food, pork – all prepared in various ways and brought to you for consideration. An all you can eat where they bring the food to you. It was brilliant. The company was fantastic too. At some point, we got talking to the couple sitting behind us and it transpired that they thought that Nick was out dining with his TWO wives. We cleared this up with a very brief summary of who was who. Despite this, a couple at another table piped up saying they would happily join the family as wives number 3 and 4…

Everyone was lovely but I’m still waiting for a Facebook friend request to come through from one of them. We were joking, but, I just got a feeling…


Fungi’s last day here was off to a cloudy start unfortunately. The first for a while. So we took the chance to drive up the volcano to go seek out some sun. There’s an update to the El Teide Page with a new Gallery.

It was a genuinely grim to start but we drove up the mountain and found ourselves driving up through the clouds. It was amazing. We literally found ourselves above the

View From Above
View from above

clouds. The weather above the clouds was perfect, as usual. We used a different route into the national park this time so we saw some red mountains which we hadn’t seen before.

The weekend was finished off with a stop at La Finca! Because apparently, it’s a thing for us! I’m so happ Fungi came to visit us. When we told her we were moving, she took a moment to process, then said, “Great – I’ll be there by the end of May.” And she was! I just love her confidence in herself and her determination to do whatever she sets herself to do. I even get to take part every so often! I had the best time with Fungi here and am looking forward to seeing her again soon.

Fungi at Mt Teide

Rumbie xo








El Teide – First Visit

Having good weather is the ultimate excuse to get out of the house and find something to do. Even people like me, who probably have a tortoise for a spirit animal (I like to go at my own pace, and I’m usually very happy at home) can appreciate the outdoors. Granted, just going out on the terrace would be enough for me, but part of why I wanted to move to Tenerife is to become a bit more active. Go on more ‘adventures’. So Easter Friday, we bundled the dog into the car and went to ‘find’ El Teide, Tenerife’s volcano.

I can’t honestly say that I’ve given a thought to living on an active volcano before sitting down to write this. I’m aware of it – you can’t go too far without seeing the volcano’s mountain range, nor can you drive too far before you see more of the notorious black soil.  I loved Geography at school. and I’ve found myself trying to remember what I learnt, or looking it up. Just the drive up the mountain was memorable, and it only took us 45 minutes to get to the tourist centre (with SEVERAL stops for photos).

The landscape changes so much from temperate vegetation, to pinetree forests, to cactus to what looks like driving on a new planet.

As we hadn’t planned to go all the way to the very top, we came home using the same route, filled with wonder at just what a lovely drive it was. There are a few routes to the top so we know we will get different views of the volcano. I’ve got a gallery of this visit to the Parque nacional del Teide here which I hope you’ll look at!

Do you have any recommendations for our next trip to El Teide? Have you ever been? Let me know in the comments below!

Be good or be good at it!

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