Trabajando (Working) en Tenerife

Work is probably the biggest factor in determining where we will be living in 12 months time. My family and Nick’s subscribed to the “go to school then get a ‘good’ job” method of life, so that is what both of us have generally aspired to – it is a fact of life. I am hoping that being in Tenerife means we work to live, rather than the other way round.

I was worried about what jobs would be available in Tenerife for ME. This worry was fuelled by the “truth-speakers” of Facebook groups that have made it their duty to strike fear in anyone who has a question about anything. (This will have to be covered a separate post. It makes me so angry sometimes!!)

The competition is intense and the language barrier is real. I’m learning, and it’s going well…. un poco, un poco. Trying to find a good job in a foreign country can be difficult. You never know what local practices are, but also, with many other nationalities settling here, only speaking English WILL be a disadvantage.

I had my first interview for a ‘real’ job the second week I was here. It was for a well known company here as part of their sales team. I don’t know how committed I was to that cause as I was just so pleased to be facing a genuine prospect. They hired internally and  I’m pleased for it. I needed the time off  to enjoy this move and perhaps wasn’t sure what I was signing up for.

I’ve since had a few others and they have been interesting. I have read a few posts online warning me to be weary of employment prospects in Tenerife. There are allegedly some unscrupulous sorts here (like most places?…) so you need to be aware of things like what your hours will be, and make sure that the same number is reflected on your contract, for  example.

Using a combination of Spanish and English job sites, I’ve found myself a temporary part-time job and have a couple more interviews coming up. The part time role will do nicely for now which will do nicely to keep me busy for a few hours on most days. Fortunately, even with the very little planning I did, I have a bit of time to find my feet and here before I have to find a work.

As much as I would love to spend all my time exploring Tenerife, real life has expenses.

Be good or be good at it folks

Rumbie xo

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