Travel and admin

Wednesday was another beautiful, sunny day… No news to report on that front – just the normal blue skies, with sun shining and highs of 25 degrees Celsius. We spent a good part of the afternoon in the car though.



First thing today, Nick had to change a tyre on the car as we got a puncture on the way home from the airport yesterday. The convenience of having a hire car is that once he got that done, we drove back to the airport (our nominated pick-up and drop-off point) and swapped it over for a new one. Just part of the Ts and Cs. This also got us talking about what the best way to get around here would be. Everything is quite close together so hopefully we won’t ever have too far to go. We have been told repeatedly that the bus system is very good. News of that will undoubtedly follow.

Once we’d changed the car, we went back to the purple cargo building to get the stamp on the paperwork as required. I used my pitiful Spanish again and we succeeded. To be fair, the folk working there know you’re there for certain reasons – you just wouldn’t wonder in there while exploring the place. That, along with the little (maybe not so little) English they understand, and whatever effort we made on our part got us through adequately. It took all of 5 minutes to find the desk we needed, bumble through some Spanish, wait for the man to take copies of the pet paperwork, stamp a form (the all important stamp) and for us to go to the building around the back, hand it over and the process was completo!

Our final task for the day to sign our rental agreement which our landlord had arranged with an expat translation service. We arranged to meet at a McDonald’s (yup) near the airport, signed the agreement and parted ways. I suppose this is the convenience of renting from someone you know. The admin is indeed just admin.

On our way home, we went into our local Lidl. Prices were comparable with Lidl UK. The exchange rate is doing very little for us at the moment, however, we do have the marvel of European goods at what feels like a cheaper price. Fish and sea food are definitely a big part of the diet here. The fresh and frozen isles had such a wide range of fish, from salmon and hake, to langoustines and octopus tentacles.



Another day gone with a few more things crossed off our “Settling in” to do list. Nick also met some of our neighbours and we did our first trip home with no start nav and made it.

Off to the roof terrace now for a drink and a bit of social media while the sun sets.


Be good,or be good at it.

Rumbie xo

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